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Instant Money Payday Loans

Instant Payday Loans

Immediate access to quick cash through an Instant Payday Loan. Apply direct and get your loan secured for low cost and little risk. Instant payday loans are a very popular way to get immediate access to money. You can borrow from 50 pounds up to 400, 500 pounds. or even up to 1000 pounds. Apply online directly at one of many instant payday loan direct lenders in the UK. Instant decisions guaranteed.

These loan providers are also known as online short term loan providers. Typically you will have access to the loan for a period of twee weeks up to three months. The longer the stretch, the higher the cost. Be aware of the total cost and the time before you will have to pay back the loan.

Easy Payday Loans in UK

These payday loan lenders are plenty in the UK. You can easily apply for an instant loan at one of these lenders by filling in a form at their websites. These forms are simple to fill in and you’ll be ready with your application within minutes. Most lenders who offer instant payday loans promise to have your application dealt with within 5 to 15 minutes after which they deposit the amount on your bank account.

Some pay day loan lenders are a little hesitant providing loans where other providers make no difficulties. After you applied for a loan you will receive a proposal by e-mail, sometimes with an immediate offer for you to accept or decline. Or in other cases you will have to provide additional information.

But for some awkward reasons some lenders even want you to send a fax with additional information or some prove about your income; as if a photo taken with your cellphone of your bank account statement send by e-mail or through an online form on their website, isn’t enough.

Instant Payday Loans Costs

Before accepting your loan offer be aware that the world is not build by fairies and there is one very important thing to take into account: the total cost of the instant payday loan you are about to accept. These fees of these instant loans can differ between 20 to 50% of the total amount of money that you’d like to borrow, depending on

  1. The lender or the payday loan provider
  2. The amount of money you want to borrow
  3. The amount of days before the repayment.

So f you like to lend 200 pounds you have to pay this back, typically between 14 and 40 days (depending on the lender and your preference) and your cost will be between 40 and 100 pounds. Therefore the lender will expect 240 up to 300 pounds paid by you after 2 to 5 weeks. See for more information: What Do Payday Loans Really Cost?

Repaying Payday Loans

If you find yourself unable to repay the loan, you should get in touch with the lender as soon as possible. By getting in touch you may work out an agreement on when to pay back and how. This may also prevent more costs.

When you will call them, it may be wise to think a little bit ahead about what you would like to propose: by which date you think you will be able to repay. That’s what most companies would like to hear. Are you going to be able to repay the loan by next week? Or would like you to repay the loan in weekly or even monthly installments?

A large delay or paying in installments typically would mean extra costs, due to the interest rate or extra fees, but by working out an agreement together you prevent this cost to spiral out of control.

You should only get a payday loan if you can pay it back comfortably, on time and still afford all your other outgoings. You need to ensure that you don’t fall into a regular cycle of borrowing and repaying (source).

No credit check instant loans

Because most lenders perform almost no credit check, many people take out another loan at another direct loan provider to repay their old loans. Many consumers take out a so-called Instant Payday Loan For Bad Credit as a way to repay their existing debts or because they find themselves indebted and broke.

As such they keep on hopping from one lender to another and yet to another until the costs have totally spiraled out of all proportions. It’s at this point that people find themselves unable to repay their debts. They are stuck in the Debt Trap. Read I can’t pay back my payday loan, what can I do?

You should only get a payday loan if you can pay it back comfortably, on time and still afford all your other outgoings. You need to ensure that you don’t fall into a regular cycle of borrowing and repaying (source).

This is how debt can grow into a massive troll in your life. And it is vital that before you find yourself in this situation that you request help from others. There are organisations that can help you for free but it’s also a smart move to inform family or friends of the situation you’re in.

Reasons for Payday Loan

Before taking an instant pay day loan it is a good idea to consider if you really need the loan. Because the cost is so high generally you should only use the payday loan if you have to other alternative and if you are sure you are able to repay the loan within the agreed period.

It is also advised to not use Payday loans for secondary reasons. Budget-experts clearly advise to always make a budget and to save money instead if you are looking for a way to pay for non necessities.

Payday loans should never be used for larger expenses like a holiday, home improvements or Christmas. Instead, can you save for this event over a few months? Can you cut non-essential spending? (source).

If you desire to take on an instant payday loan for reasons of paying off debts, you are entering dangerous waters. It is best advised to make arrangements with debt-collectors for repaying those debts. There is always a possibility to repay a debt later, negotiate about it. If you need help with this you can always contact a special organisation such as

50 pound payday loan

50 pound payday loan

A fast 50 pound payday loan. Direct lenders only or also with bad credit. Apply direct for a 50 pound instant paydayloan no credit check. Most direct lenders offer quick loans starting with 50 pounds. The loans are easy to get, often paid out within 5 to 10 minutes after your loan has been approved. To get your loan approved the only requirement is to fill in a form with your basic personal information.

50 pound payday loan
The typical cost of such a loans is 20 pounds. Repayment is often within 2 weeks up to a month. But be aware of the hidden costs! Most often consumers end up at the wrong side of the money-coin, facing big fines and large repayments. Spiraling into a chain of debt. This is because the interest doesn’t stop at one installment but keeps on adding up.

50 pound payday direct lender

There are many lenders that can offer you a 50 pound loan. Most of the payday lenders start with 100 pound loans but others begin with 50 pound loans. Just be careful when choosing the right payday loan provider, don’t sign with one that will keep on adding higher costs. If you find yourself unable to repay the loan, you’re gonna be screwed by the simple form you’re about to submit. Better to think twice.

Also be aware of why you wanna have those 50 quit for. Is it for something that’s really needed, is it to repay another debt or for a new dress? Just don’t do something silly you know. Taking out 50 pounds because you’re hungry and are in need to buy some food, yeah, that’s a good reason but most too often if you’re in this situation than you’re facing too many other problems, don’t let debt be another one.

50 pound payday loan bad credit

Looking for a 50 pound payday loan and you’re already in bad credit? That’s no problem. There is plenty of loan providers here in the UK who are very happy to give you a hand. You know why? Well, it’s no because they are so nice and friendly. It’s because getting a quick loan means more money for them. You will have to pay back 15-20 pounds ‘costs’ to these lenders and if you’re not in time for the repayments you will have to pay back even more. That’s no fun for you, but it means more profit for them.

This is why these payday loan lenders make you believe they are here for you, or that they care for your debts, but in fact they don’t. If they would they wouldn’t be offering these loan-services really but they would be there to help society go forward with our striking debt-issues. They would also stop lobbying parliament and government from adding restrictions to paydayloans and regulating the indsutry.

50 pound payday loan no credit check

You are just two minutes away from getting your 50 pound payday loan without credit check. Receive your loan directly in your bank account and only pay back in 2 to 4 weeks. Typical cost is only 20 pounds. You bet ye! Obtaining loans, also small loans, really can be this easy. You just with that paying back the loan was just as easy. And often it’s not, which is exactly why many people with previous payday loan experiences have gone indebted, even when borrowing a simple 50 pound.

Be aware of the risks of simple forms that promise 50 pounds instat in your bank account. The real cost of a payday loan can be very large. People sometimes end up spiraling into debts, and loose the control over their financial situation fast and easily. There are alternatives out there for the payday loans.

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Payday Loans like Wonga

Instant payday loans in the UK are like Wonga cash loans. There are many direct payday loan lenders like Wonga in the uk available. Taking out a loan can be as easy as putting a finger in your noise.

Typical of these instant loan providers is the lack of credit checks. These prodivers share almost no information about their customers and they hardly check your income statements.

Wonga has come under attack a lot by customer right organisations and debt-organisations. For most of these organisations Wonga gives out loans too easily, especially to people who are unable to repay these loans. The repayment costs are considered as high, and if you don’t repay in time, they will even be higher. As a result many people end up in a cycle of debt. Wonga is equally responsible for this by making it very easy to take out loans.

Payday Loan Lenders Like Wonga

Interested in getting a payday loan like Wonga and looking for payday loan lenders? There are plenty avalaible on the internet. Be aware though of the high cost of these loans. Taking out an instant cash loan of 200 pounds could typically cost you around 40 pounds, 20 pounds if you find a cheaper option.

Costs tend to even get higher when obtaining paydayloans but not being able to repay the loan in time. Your debt can easily spiral out of control. Be aware of what you’re doing therefore.

If you do not like to rund such a risk, there are alternatives to payday loans.

Instant Payday Loans… In 15 Minutes

Apply now for your Instant Payday Loan In 15 Minutes and get your loan secured. Fill in our form with your details and we will immediately transfer the money to your account. No documents needed. Find your loan straight away in your bank account. Payday Loan lenders advertise widely over the internet to make borrow money. Do you buy it?

Within 15 minutes an Instant Payday Loan or maybe half an hour if we are a little bit too busy. But why would you take out a payday loan? The amount of money to pay back can be quite high. Most payday Loan providers are simply too expensive. They ask ridiculous amounts of money for a quick cash loan. What about paying 75 pounds for a 300 pound loan? That’s just outrageous. Really.

Low Cost Instant Payday Loan

There are thankfully also some payday loan providers just asking 20 pound as a charge for a two to four week loan. That’s more like it. Payday Loan Regulations in the UK is falling short to keep the price of instant payday loans low. Instead people are led by themselves and their immediate impulses to get these easy access loans. To get a loan the only requirement often is to fill out a form and possibly provide some kind of proof of identity.  An easier loan then that is hard to get.

So why would you want to have a loan within 15 minutes? What’s up? Is your landlord banging on the door? Why didn’t you solve that just earlier, like yesterday? Or is it really that you just wanna buy that dress of new cellphone but you don’t have the money? Alright, if you need the money for something, for whatever, or even for real, and you can pay back the loan, plus you don’t care about the cost of a high price loan, just do it, go for it. But most people can’t really pay the price and fall victim of the impulse.

Finding a Payday Lenders

Are you interested in getting a better price for your instant payday loan? There’s many Direct Payday Loan Lenders in the UK offering instant loans, also within 15 minutes. Just don’t go for the ones that cost you an eye. There is many loan-sharks out there asking easily 20 to 30 percent of cost to the loan you’re taking out. That is 20 pounds per 100 pounds borrowed. Some ask even more but if you’re on their site they make you believe they are in fact cheap but in reality they are not.

So best thing is to apply for a couple of them and ask for an offer. You can’t receive a loan simply by filling in a form. You first need to receive information on the cost of the loan and then give approval either by e-mail, t.x.t. of phone. So you are free to ask around and check how much a loan will really cost you. Compare at least 3 to 5 loan providers before you accept one.

Payday Loan Alternatives

  • Also be aware of the Alternatives to Payday Loans. There are options available.
  • You can find more info on Payday Loan Alternatives here on our website.
  • Follow these tips to be sure you are not falling into the Payday Loan Debt Trap.

Payday Loan Alternatives

You’d like to have instant cash in your hands and you are thinking about a Instant Payday Loan? There are plenty of alternatives to instant cash while saving yourself from unnecessary risk that comes along with a Payday Loan.

See also these webpages:

Basically, to know is worth more than any amount of money. Payday Loans are so easy to get that many people fall victim of it. Although many like to blame governments, banks and payday loan lenders for the debt they’re in, in the end you remain the end-responsible for your own action, so be well informed of the risks of easy to get loans and payday loan alternatives.

Short Term Payday Loans


Choose your own time to repay your loan with a Short Term Payday Loans. The shorter the term, the lower the cost. Take out a short term loan for three months maximum, two week minimum. You’d like quick cash in your bank account? Be aware of the terms and conditions of repayment. Only take out loans when you are absolutely sure you’ll be able to repay your loan including its costs.

Securing a short term payday loan is not hard, it’s just a few clicks away. Paying back the loan is often harder, and this is where the difficult part comes in. And be aware that most persons taking out loans are not fully understanding the risks of being indebted. Be sure therefore to find the right payday loan lender for you.

Short Term Payday Loans Same Day

Most short term Payday Loans cash out your loan straight away on the same day. They have specific batch operations through their bank. Once your loan is approved, and this happens often very fast, your loan goes into a batch operation that direct lenders push through their bank account regularly. The money is being transferred immediately after this operation is transmitted.

Often you’ll find the money of your loan on your bank account on the same day or otherwise the day after.

Not all payday loan lenders actually offer same day payday loans. Some take a couple of days to transfer the loan. It’s interesting to know why as it’s likely that most people will not take out a payday loan that takes a couple of days or more. Most people taking a short term loan would like to have their loan payed out at once, not in a couple of days. Though some payday loan providers are a lot cheaper when you’re not so much in a hurry.

For more information about short term payday loans you can also check the article on Instant Payday Loans Direct Lenders. There is more detail there on the cost and risks of these same day loans. To receive the best loan for you, on the best conditions it’s a good thing to think a little and know more about the lenders, their reputation and such.

Short Term Payday Loans Direct Lenders UK

To find a short term payday loan here in the UK doesn’t seem hard, but the key is to find the one with the lowest risks and costs. Are you sure that you can repay the loan and you just need quick cash before fresh money is coming in, they you may just settle with the first one of the list, but otherwise be sure you find one that won’t be so rough on you when something unexpected does come up and you find yourself not being able to repay the loan.

There is many payday loan lenders in the UK. More so than in any other country. This is also because of the lack of regulation in the country. Other countries tend to be much more strict when it comes down to regulating the loan industry. Take for example the maximum interest rates that a loan provider is allowed to ask for. In the UK there isn’t really a cap here. While in other countries there is. That’s why proving payday loans in the UK is way more lucrative than in many other countries.

It’s a pity for the consumers that they are left with so little regulation of those loan sharks in the country. The philosophy of the UK is that people left by themselves are intelligent enough to choose what’s good for them. Whilst true, there are also dangers on the path of life that include loan sharks. With flashy ads and easy to obtain loans people are persuaded to take out an instant loan, and it tends to be hard to resist taking out a loan when you are young and in need of quick cash. It’s therefore much better to regulate the payday loan industry to better service the people and help them protect themselves from unnecessary debt in the UK.

Short Term Payday Loans No Credit Check

Short term Payday Loans without credit check, choose your repayment schedule and obtain a payday loan directly. Hardly any payday loan provider performs credit checks. The only check they perform is your customer score. This enables people to shop from one payday loan provider to another and even to take out many short term loans at once.

The lack of a credit check is what drives many people to a payday loan provider. Quite a few people already have bad credit ratings and are still looking to secure a new loan, possibly to pay off an old loan. If you do not mind being hunted by debt for many upcoming years, than who cares, but this is not really what most people really want.

It would be good for the industry to share their information you would say. It wouldn’t be that hard to share information on credit ratings in a common database. This would for sure lower the burden of debt on a lot of persons, making it harder to obtain a short term payday loan. But the opposite is true as it’s more profitable to keep on offering quick, same day loans without any form of credit check.

Instant Payday Loans Direct Lenders

Most Instant Payday Loans Direct Lenders are out there to make money out of you, so which lender is one you can trust? Looking for the cheapest rates and the lowest risks will help you securing the loan that fits you best.

Looking for quick cash? Be aware which lenders to avoid. The warnings are all over the internet. The public debate about loan sharks and reforms and all that is still ongoing. So you know the risky road you’re at right now, while looking for a payday loan provider that can give you cash straight away in your bank account. But come on, they can’t all be that bad, is most likely what you think.

Well, quick frankly, they aren’t all that bad. The problem is this: Since these payday loans direct lenders borrow money fairly easy there are quite some people not aware of the risks. These risks involve not being able to repay the loan in time (or at all), as well as paying back the costs and the interest of the loan they’ve taken. They may end up in a spiral of debt, taking out more of these easy quick access payday loans while adding up to your burden of debt.

Payday Loan Direct Lenders No Credit Check

Payday Loan Provider are partly also responsible for this. Of course you are the one taking the decision of taking out a loan, so you are the most responsible for this action in the end. But at the same time payday loan providers make it so easy to secure a money loan that it’s really ridiculous. Many instant payday loans direct lenders confirm that bad credit ratings cause no problems whatsoever for securing a loan.

So much is the case that instant payday loans are also a synonym for Payday Loans with no credit check. It is generally a common thing that people with bad credit ratings can easily take out a payday loan such as the ones we’re talking about. Payday loan providers only check your personal data to verify if you’re an existing customer or not, they don’t check your credit score or anything like that.

Also many persons taking out these easy access loans are still young and haven’t had the right education to be really aware of what a loan entails, the responsibility it needs. Since direct access to cash is available, and you need money straight away, why not take out an instant payday loan? The idea to have money on your bank account straight away, really, just a mouse click away, can be very, very persuasive.

Generally the advice though is to only and only then take out a payday loan when you’re absolutely sure you will be able to pay back the loan in time, including the cost of such a direct payday loan. Be sure also to know the exact cost of paying back the loan. What are the hidden costs? Wanting to have direct cash can lead to not reading well the rules of repayment. So be sure you got those very clear to you.